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Hidden Gems Surrounding the Coachella Valley

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain is a hillside visionary environment created by local resident Leonard Knight in the California Desert area of Imperial County, north of Calipatria, northeast of Niland, near the Slab City squatter/art commune, and several miles from the Salton Sea.

"Some might call Salvation Mountain a work of art, while others may call it a work of faith, but for Leonard it was his life's work and purpose, built to spread the word of Jesus."

You can access Salvation Mountain from sunrise to sunset every day of the year including holidays. There is no need to pay a ticket, but if you want to leave a donation you can do so in the designated box near the mountain.

Salvation Mountain was declared "a folk art site worthy of preservation and protection" in 2000 by the Folk Art Society of America and it is definitely worth a visit if you are in Southern California.

This place has amazing views and a whole lot of imagination. Creative minds and thoughtful inspiration to explore are welcomed! Perfect for sight viewing and photography shoots.

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